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A timeless and fundamental metal of everyday designs, our 925 sterling silver jewellery is recycled and made of 92.5 % pure silver and further plated with Real Gold ,Rose Gold and Rhodium.

At Irosk , we offer the widest range of freshwater pearl jewelry created from the best quality pearls available in the world. These freshwater pearls are grown in China, Indonesia and Thailand by small coastal communities who have depended on this sustainable farming method for generations. They are also unique in shape unlike their saltwater counterparts and can come with a variety of colors depending on where they were harvested.

Jewelry that doesn’t harm others? We can get behind that. It’s amazing how much of a difference this new technology makes in the world of fine jewelry. Removing the need to mine for diamonds means no more tragedy or violence associated with finding, cutting and selling them. No wonder so many people are choosing lab-grown minerals today!

Gemstones have long been used for ornamental purposes. And, while many people might only associate them with jewelry, they have also come to be known as having healing powers in various cultures throughout the world. For example, we are all familiar with famous ancient stories, talking about how a gemstone helped someone live longer and healthier. Our Powerful Gemstone collection embedded with silver and brass material brings a combination of healing power and elegance.

Austria is home to one of the most prestigious cut crystal manufacturers in the world. Our crystal suppliers has mastered innovative manufacturing methods that result in flawless, brightly polished and even more beautiful crystal. Irosk Austrian Crystals make any occasion feel a little extra special. These crystals come with gold plated sterling silver and plated brass options. All material used is hypoallergic.

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